TRANSFER NEWS: “Whetton not an Ace”

East Park’s Al Bentley has released a statement indicating that “no papers have been signed” with regards to Brandon Whetton’s seemingly completed transfer to Wednesfield.

The full statement via our Facebook read; the story regarding Brandon is “not correct, as at this moment Brandon Whetton has not had any transfer papers signed.”

This more than likely means the transfer is agreed in principal, just the final paperwork is yet to be filled in, unless the East Park supremo plans on convincing Whetton to stay with the wolf pack.

It could be a difficult winter for the Wolves, as the social media rumour mill also hints at top rider Matt Smith being linked with a move to Birmingham, with double 2014 Indoor champion Ricki Johnson also heading to Perry Bar for Midland League racing, whilst both are set to remain with the Aces for the Elite League campaign.