WEBSITE: Yale “the world’s favourite lock” team up with 33/18 News

Yale “the world’s favourite lock”, are a household name around the world and the UK branch, based in Willenhall, has pledged it’s support to 33/18 News, a continuation of it’s valued support of Cycle Speedway since last season.

The international company sponsored the 2014 British U13 Club Championship at Wednesfield last term, to the delight of the Aces committee. Spokesman for Yale, Wayne Tipton said, “Yale are pleased to team up with 33/18 News and are happy to extend our support for Cycle Speedway into the 2015 season. We are especially looking forward to the Cycle Speedway world seeing our exciting new security products on show.”

Check out Yale’s website by clicking on their advert in the sidebar or following the link HERE.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Yale on board and thank them for supporting the ever increasing running costs of our website through web advertising.