NEWS: Crunch day at South and South Wales AGM

The principal league formats were left open for further discussion at the S&SW end season meeting in November, in an attempt to identify a more flexible and innovative approach, which will meet the needs of clubs with widely differing club membership profiles.

Sunday is crunch day as club delegates have to make decisions which could see significant changes to the old “tried and tested” arrangements which resulted in an unacceptable level of match defaults in 2014. Chairman Dave Murphy has circulated his ideas for clubs to consider and is confident that an acceptable solution can be agreed.

One piece of good news which will help to offset some of the current challenges faced in the region is an initiative to re-instate the old Bristol St George track at Easton following meeting on Monday between Sports Centre officials and representatives of British Cycling.

The S&SW AGM takes place in Swindon on Sunday 18th January at midday.

18th Swindon Scout group
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