NEWS: Riders reminded to renew BC and TLI memberships

Riders are reminded to renew their memberships if they are due to expire before the season starts.

For British Cycling events, day licences for those not able to present their licence on the day, remains at £5 for Senior Riders, £2.50 for Juniors (born 1997/1998) and £1.50 for those younger. Clubs are reminded that day licences are not available for British Championships (Team or Individual), Knockout Cup or Home Internationals.

Renew your BC membership here:

Midland League and Eurovets competitors are also reminded to renew their license with TLI. Prices are £10 for seniors and free for U18s. Day licenses for TLI are priced at £5 for over 18s and free for under 18s.

Renew you TLI membership here:

It’s also understood that TLI are working with the Midland League on a new set of regulations, which would see U14s unable to race against adults. A new racing formula is rumoured to be set up, which allows for adults and young juniors to race in the same team or in an opposing team, but not meet each other out on the track. The logic behind this process, is that young riders racing against older adults does nothing for either rider, or spectators of the sport and is a potential legal minefield, should a young rider be injured by a more powerful, grown adult. It’s a new initiative, which officials hope will level the playing field and provide racing against more suitable opponents in the same age group.

It’s an interesting development and could work very well. It would certainly be a big change and with change comes uncertainty, however, no other sport we can think of allows competitive action between children of such a young age and fully grown adults. It would potentially be another step forward in the much needed modernisation of Cycle Speedway.