NEWS: Ireland on the lookout for stars

Following an appeal by Wales managers Mark Winwood and Daniel Harper where they expressed a desire to increase the pool of riders available for selection for Wales (which subsequently saw Coventry riders Mason Phillips and Kyle Roberts become eligible for Wales), Ireland managers Steve Copping and Gary Colby are looking to do the same thing, especially with 2015 being a World Championship year and Steve especially looking to try and get an Ireland team in the Junior World Cup.

Steve goes on to explain Ireland’s intentions:

“Like Wales have done we would like to do a similar thing and increase the pool of riders available for selection for Ireland, especially as Gary Colby and myself do not really want to have keep bringing ourselves into the team as happened for last year’s Home International at Newport. The criteria to be eligible for Ireland is that rider/s need to have been born in Ireland,or their parent/s,or their grandparent/s. On the basis of this criteria we would ask all riders who think they would be eligible for Ireland, especially Junior riders (who need to be Under 19 in the year of competition for the Junior Home International and Under 18 in the year of competition for all other Junior International events) to come forward. Both Gary and myself can be contacted via Facebook if applicable or we can be e-mailed at or