WEBSITE: New website design coming soon

Cycle Speedway

We’re currently in the final stages of designing a brand new version of 33/18 News ready for the 2015 season, which will change the way you receive your Cycle Speedway news.

The new design has a magazine feel to it, with different categories, such as the Elite League, Regional and ICSF World Championships easily accessible from the homepage. We also introduce the Results Archive. This features all of the official results from the major championships, some dating back to 1951, from the sports history (that we’ve been given at least), now appearing on 33/18 news –¬†finally airing the achievements of riders past and present on a worthy and open platform.

Our email address is being updated. We will keep open for a while, however our new address is moving over to, this is live now so feel free to update your address book.

There will be some temporary black out when the site is being updated, but we’ll give you a heads up via Facebook and Twitter when this is happening.

Thanks for your continued support.