WEBSITE: Welcome to the new 33/18 News

Welcome to the new version of 33/! After a few months work, we’re delighted for the new design to finally see the light of day and there’s some new features.

Our homepage has been revamped with a more magazine feel. The news slider features the latest 20 stories from all categories, with the latest 12 stories featuring beneath that. Then we get onto stories collated into their own categories. Elite League, Regional, Australia, Poland, British Individuals, World Championships, BYJL, Indoor, Rider News, Eurovets, British Club, British Team/Knockout Cup, Women’s League and Letters all feature the top stories in their respective categories.

We now have the Results Archive. All of the official documents were kindly passed on to us by British Cycling and now feature in their very own section on our website. They’re available for you to view in the menu bar, some dating back as far as 1951, along with various other facts and figures.

Some are incomplete, namely the Elite/Premier League and Regional pages. If you can assist with these results, please do email us on our new email address: Likewise, there may be the odd mistake or two, mostly spelling, if you notice anything, please email in.

The 2015 Elite League landing page is ready for the off. This features all of the fixtures, along with the league table and results, as they come in.

We also welcome on board Dash Trophies, joining Yale, 33/18 designs and JE Crusher in supporting the website.

We hope you enjoy reading 33/18 News this season. Thanks for the continued support.

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