NEWS: ICSF’s Murphy open to seeding proposal under set circumstances

The 33/18 newsroom has received feedback from Dave Murphy (ICSF General Secretary) demonstrating his ‘interest’ in our article about the Japanese junior, Masamoto Kato, who raced at Findon recently.

Dave was keen to point out that he concurs with the suggestion that media coverage surrounding the appearance of a Japanese rider would benefit the sport greatly, should the ICSF could relax the ruling on “seeded” riders and allow him to race in the World Junior event at Wednesfield.

The ICSF official confirmed that, in such circumstances, he would be prepared to put such a proposal to the ICSF committee (i.e. representatives from GB Commission, South Australian Council and Polish Federation) for their consideration.

Japanese student Masamoto Kato at Findon Cycle Speedway

Japanese student Masamoto Kato at Findon Cycle Speedway

He also explained that, whilst the ICSF would need some feedback from Mick Harley on the riders capability to compete at World Junior level, if the rider was deemed sufficiently competitive, such a proposal would simply require the support of at least two of these ICSF Committee members. This would enable a one-off seeding to be accommodated.

However, Dave also stressed that the officials would need to give due consideration to the fact that one of their junior riders (who may have otherwise qualified), would then lose a place in the final stages of the competition.