PHOTOS: Dash Trophies by Andy Whitehouse

Pro-photographer, Andy Whitehouse, brought his camera along to the Dash 2015 at the weekend. As usual Andy’s unique photos are among his best.

What sets him out from the crowd – apart from the fact he does the job for a living and works with British Cycling in other cycling disciplines – is how he mixes it up with different lenses and angles.

We’re lucky to have talented photographers in Cycle Speedway who regularly send us images. What we’d like to see, is these photographers given access all areas, so the week to week coverage of Cycle Speedway can take a few steps forward from the usual perimeter fence angles.

Photos from the centre green, behind the gates at the start and in the pits of the riders are all among the most storytelling and dramatic images. We definitely need more of them!

Andy Whitehouse also runs his own cycling website, Out The Back covering a variety of disciplines. He also wrote a report on the Dash, which you can read here:
Out The Back – Dash 2015 Match Report

Also, you can find Out The Back on Facebook, give him a like here:
Out The Back Facebook Page

Finally, here’s all of Andy’s shots from the weekend. Enjoy!