NEWS: Go-Pro not quite all go

In what we will put down to crossed wires when trying to understand the ruling on Go-Pro cameras, yesterday’s article is not totally accurate regarding their use across the whole of Cycle Speedway.

British Cycling have issued a statement which reads:

“British Cycling has given special dispensation for 33/18 News to request certain riders to carry Go-Pros in this weekend’s Elite League Match – Ipswich v Sheffield as part an overall strategy to promote Cycle Speedway”

The use of cameras in competition is a very contentious issue that extends all the way up to the UCI and across all cycling disciplines. A blanket ruling across the board, which we reported yesterday, is not something that the Cycle Speedway Commission or chairman can write rules on for that reason.

Aside from the special dispensation given for this weekend, the general practice at the moment is that cameras can be used subject to the on the ground officials discretion in practice only.