NEWS: Plans to revive sport in Stoke

Exciting plans to revive the sport in Stoke have been unveiled. The Potteries last saw racing in 2012 at the newly built Etruria Park track before the Stoke club pulled out of league racing.

Coventry’s Joe McLaughlin has gained support from several well known Stoke Cycle Speedway figures and has called a public meeting in Stoke on Thursday 21st May, at 7.30pm, with the aim of rallying enough support to revive the Stoke track, initially to encourage newcomers to take up the wonderful sport of Cycle Speedway at weekly ‘Clubnight’ sessions, supervised from people in Stoke.

McLaughlin said: “At time of writing this, Britain is enjoying a ‘once in a lifetime’ national boom is cycling, as demonstrated by Olympic medal success, Tour De France victories and more people cycling everyday.

“Why then, is a wonderful, purposed built and international standard cycling facility in one of our biggest cities not being used, namely the Stoke Cycle Speedway track? Acting as a passionate volunteer for the overall good, I have obtained enough support to hold a public meeting where all interested parties can attend”.

Major Stoke personalities like Avon Allcock, Andy Franks, Rob Machin, Gene Bailey and many others are supporting this idea. Avon will chair the meeting. McLaughlin will be using his promotional expertise to promote the public meeting via the Media in Stoke, including broadcast and print platforms. He will be travelling to Stoke Speedway on Saturday 16th May to promote the public meeting.

More details will be available very soon, which will be carried on 33/18 News, including venue information. If your from the Potteries, or can assist in any way, please make contact with Avon Allcock via email at:

McLaughlin added: “I have gained support for this idea from Graham Sutton and Bob Prince of the Cycle Speedway Commission and the Midland League. British Cycling will be invited to the meeting. I believe we should protect all existing tracks and revive dormant ones if possible, so that further generations can have the fun, excitement and treasured memories all those associated with our sport have enjoyed”.