NEWS: Stoke Cycle Speedway public meeting – venue announced

Long standing Stoke Cycle Speedway official Avon Allcock has today confirmed the venue of the Public Meeting to help re-launch Cycle Speedway in Stoke. The venue is: Etruscan Primary School, Dundee Road, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. ST1 4BS. The meeting venue has been chosen by Avon as its immediately adjoining the currently disused Stoke Cycle Speedway track.

The Public Meeting will be held on Thursday 21st May, at 7.30pm.

Everyone is invited to attend with an interest at reviving interest at one of the former hotbeds of the sport. Organisers are keen to hear from former Stoke riders and officials and other possible interested parties, like Speedway fans of the local Stoke Potters Speedway team and cyclists from other cycle sport. The chair of the meeting will be Avon Allcock.

Amongst those already attending are Avon Allcock, Rob Machin, Gene Bailey and Dave Phillips. Midland League chairman Norman Venson is also set to attend to lend support.

The meeting is keen to hear contributions from those with expertise at promoting successful weekly `Clubnights`, whereby clubs are built from the `bottom-up`. To this end, respected former Sheffield official Martin Gamble is amongst those being invited to the meeting.

For further information, please contact Avon Allcock at: