FEATURE: Who are the ICSF?

With many questions sometimes being thrown about to do with the ICSF, secretary Dave Murphy has created a Q&A to outline the role of the International Cycle Speedway Federation and how it makes decisions.

Q: Who are the ICSF?

A: The ICSF is comprised of representatives from ‘member’ Nations with Australia, Great Britain and Poland being ‘full members’ whilst Edenton-USA and New Zealand currently ‘associate members’. Each of these member Federations are able to vote on ICSF matters (although associate member votes have restrictions).

The ICSF has three individuals who sit on its International Committee (without voting powers) with a focus on assisting the administration and development of International racing – (these being Dave Murphy, Mick Harley and Pawel Cegielski). The role of ICSF general secretary (and chairman of meetings) is performed by Dave Murphy.

Q: How does the ICSF decide on venues for World & European Championships?

A: ICSF events alternate between its ‘member’ Federations on a roster basis. When it is their turn, each Federation has the authority to select preferred venues for staging events (providing they meet stipulated ICSF minimum International requirements).

The British Cycle Speedway Commission invited applications from Regions and Clubs to host the 2015 Worlds. With the North having staged the previous Worlds in 2003, and the Eastern region having staged the Europeans in 2012, it became a straight fight between the Midlands and S&SW Regions with a compromise reached to enable both Regions opportunity of sharing the Championships.

Q: Where will the next World Championships be held?

A: The Worlds alternate between Northern and Southern Hemispheres with the 2017 Championships scheduled to be staged Down Under – (whether they will be held in Auckland or Adelaide has yet to be confirmed).

The South Australian CS Council has offered New Zealand the opportunity to stage the next Worlds, but the ICSF has placed a condition that Auckland must successfully stage an International event, involving their own Kiwi riders (which Australians will also attend), during February 2016. The decision will be made in March 2016.

Q: Does the ICSF control Test Matches and Home Internationals?

A: Contrary to what some people believe, the ICSF only oversees the European and World’s plus the European Club Championships.

The Home Internationals are a local British competition run by the British Cycle Speedway Council and International Test Matches are agreed and arranged by the appropriate National Federations (i.e. for Australia, GB and Poland).

Q: Does the ICSF charge competition entry fees and provide awards?

A: The ICSF is a non-funded voluntary organisation and therefore has no financial dealings, either with funds coming in or going out. Awards are generally funded by sponsors sourced by the host clubs, whilst any entry fees charged by staging Nations are normally re-directed back into funding awards for participating riders.

Q: Does the ICSF have its own International Rules and Regulations?

A: Yes it does. They used to be displayed on Spokesman and I guess we now need to ask 33/18 to publish them. The most recent review was conducted by Mick Harley and the ICSF racing rules have some specific International rules which have been derived those used by our Australian and Polish friends, whilst most of the rulebook defaults to the established British Cycle Speedway Rulebook.