AUSTRALIA: Geertsen takes Aussie titles

Last week was the Aussie titles in Adelaide and the racing certainly didn’t disappoint.

Division 1 had the biggest attendance in a number of years held at the Salisbury track. With 19 riders in the main group and Bobby McMillan coming back for the match it promised to be exciting.

With the first race having Bobby McMillan, flying in from the UK on 1, Cody Chadwick on 2 and Joel Chadwick on three it was a first race that got the crowd going. With the lead changing half way through the race with Joel passing a sleeping Bobby, it meant a dash to the line for the first three.

Heat one dash for the line with Joel Chadwick, Cody Chadwick and Bobby McMIllan (l-r)

Heat one dash for the line with Joel Chadwick, Cody Chadwick and Bobby McMIllan (l-r)

The amount of riders nominated made it a very hard task to make the final 4, with Cody Chadwick, Shane Weinert and Ryan Edson all missing out by 1 point.

Grid 1 was a coin toss with Ty Geertsen and Joel Chadwick, grid 3 had World number 1 Shane Bentley and Bobby McMillan off 4. The race had fast pace with the above riders finishing where they started with Bobby McMillan slipping off at the back.

VIDEO: Final, won by Ty Geertsen from Joel Chadwick, Shane Bentley and Bobby McMillan

Division 2 had Braden Makepiece taking the honours from grid 3 gating to the lead with a tussle on the first corner from Angus Freedman.

With 130 riders throughout all the grades, it made a long day for everyone including Mick Harley as referee.

This weekend sees the league grand finals take place with Division 4 Salisbury Jets V Findon Comets and Division 1 having the Salisbury Jets V Lefevre Dolphins for the 7th year in a row. Will Salisbury make it 6 years in a row for Division 1?