ELITE LEAGUE: Birmingham fail to meet criteria

The Elite League will consist of just 5 clubs for the 2016 series, after Birmingham did not fulfil the stringent Elite League criteria, which had already been relaxed in lieu of showing sufficient evidence of progress towards excellence.

The six clubs who applied in November 2015, Birmingham, Coventry, Horspath, Ipswich, Poole and Wednesfield were all informed they had to meet the strict criteria, which includes being Go-Ride Clubmark accredited, along with a host of match day requirements, such as toilets and changing room, or they will not be included in the 2016 series.

However, the Go-Ride Clubmark ruling was relaxed, provided the two clubs that aren’t yet accredited, Birmingham and Coventry, produced satisfactory evidence of progress towards the goal of Go-Ride Clubmark accreditation, as well as meeting all other match day criteria.

Unfortunately Birmingham were unable to produce sufficient evidence by the 1st March deadline, or by the end of an additional two week grace period, so their provisional status has been regretfully rescinded by the British Cycling CS Commission.

All Elite League fixtures will remain in place, with the exception of the fixtures involving Birmingham, which will remain blank.