NEWS: Stoke reopens in April

Cycle Speedway racing is to return to Stoke-On-Trent in 2016. This news was confirmed by Stoke coordinator Avon Allcock who has given the green light for the wheels to turn once again in the Potteries.

The sport will race back into Stoke on Saturday 23rd April, with the staging of the Eurovets Grand Prix, round 1, at Etruria Park, near Stoke city centre.

Eurovets boss Fred Rothwell gave his consent after assurances that the Stoke track and facilities would be ready. The Stoke club are being activity encouraged to register with British Cycling and this is likely to happen in the next 48 hours.

The Etruria Park track was brought back into top condition early last June by a team of dedicated volunteers, including Allcock, Rob Machin, Simon Mundon, Gene Bailey, Leighton Bates, Simon Baltkauls and Andy Franks.

‘Clubnight’ style sessions were staged, with some success. Allcock, also the Chair of Etruria Park Users Group, is also chasing the completion of a new toilet block for use by the Cycle Speedway club.

Following the Eurovets round, a new summer round of Clubnight sessions will be staged to attract a new wave of youngsters to the club. Allcock does not rule out the prospect of more competitive racing and Mundon is reported to have been in touch with several clubs regarding challenge matches.

The Stoke revival was initially led by Joe McLaughlin and Bob Prince. McLaughlin called a Public Meeting and mounted a promotional campaign to boost interest, which saw progress snowball. Prince galvanized the Public Meeting with a positive speech that encouraged those present.

Allcock said: “We look forward to welcoming all the veteran racers to the grand reopening of Stoke Cycle Speedway on Saturday 23rd April”.