LETTERS: A disappointing day

British Cycling Cycle Speedway Commission chairman and board member, Colin Docker, was hoping to catch some CS action this weekend, but was left disappointed following a fixture change:

Having a free weekend (I’ve been on the road all week with Tour Series), I thought “take a look at the website and see if there are any CS meetings within reasonable range”. So I did, and found Southampton vs. Exeter. About 30 miles away, no problem, I can go along and watch the action, and meet my photographer friend Graham for a natter. He lives 10 minutes away from the track.

He called me at 1300, to say no-one was there – odd. Then called back to ask if I had left, because it seems whoever is in charge of opening up and organisation is away, so the team switched their home and away fixtures between themselves. Now, this is fine for them, it gets the match done, but there is no change on the BC website, or notes on 33/18 (that I could find).
As a sport, CS is not growing at present, indeed it’s in a slow decline in numbers. The commission has a development plan to try and address this decline. One way of getting people involved is by the “come along and have a look, it’s a good afternoon’s entertainment” route.
If anything is calculated to turn people off, it’s arriving for something to find nothing happening. I’m sure there was an oversight, but maybe clubs could publicise via 33/18 and the BC site (by a calendar change) when they decide to alter the schedules? A few keystrokes is all that’s needed…
Every little helps!