MATCH REPORT: Vikings in control against A&T

A rather depleted Astley team had little chance of matching the hosts, going down to a heavy defeat.

Gavin Parr rode unbeaten for Northumbria, taking the time also to help a strong riding Dan Redshaw and an equally impressive Shane Gray where possible also, with some handy team riding skills.

Paul Graham was the top scorer for the visitors, Ciaran Collins impressive in support and certainly fast enough when he wanted to be to see off most of his opposition.

Gavin Parr 18+2, Jason Keith 16+2, Terry Kirkup 14, Shane Gray 13+2, Michael Parr 13+1, Dan Redshaw 13+1, Keith Oldham 10, Andy Knowles 6+2

Paul Graham 18, Ciaran Collins 17, Max Evans 12+1, Mat Snell 7+1, Lee Phillps 6, Ron Makin 6, Will Evans 5, John White 4

The Division 2 encounter proved to be a much closer affair, plenty of hard battles on track, with this time Astley & Tyldesley proving the stronger team.

Ciaran Collins again impressed with an unbeaten performance following an exclusion in heat 1, with Max Evans top scoring and enjoying a good score and team riding well alongside the visiting veterans.

Key home rider Dean Douglas meanwhile had a nightmare meeting, starting with only 2 points from his first three outings, young Lee Redshaw meanwhile again cheering the home supporters with two excellent wins.

Dan Redshaw 16+2, Lee Redshaw 10, Shane Gray 10, Dean Douglas 8+1, Andy Knowles 7+2, Keith Oldham 7, Paul Thompson 6+1, Dan Thompson 6

Max Evans 17+2, Ciaran Collins 15+1, Will Evans 13+2, Lee Phillips 13, Matt Snell 10, Ron Makin 9, John White 1

This event saw some of the best racing of the day, though we missed perhaps the best possible race with Lee Redshaw was unluckly to lose out on a max, he battling hard with top visitor Matt Snell but being excluded from heat 3.

John White backed up Snell superbly and won his own battles with Bradley Stansfield, but the numerical advantage held by Northumbria saw them take the points. Youngster Frank White got surely the biggest cheer of the afternoon, he doing a great job in his final outing to hold off the chasing Bailey Bowman.

Lee Redshaw 12, Bradley Stansfield 11, Samantha Crane 8, Sam Stansfield 8, Bailey Bowman 7
Matt Snell 15, John White 14, Frank White 5

Reserves Challenge (Individual): 
Daniel Heppell 13, Bradley Stansfield 12, John White 7, Sam Stansfield 6, Frank White 2