PHOTOS: Southampton 85 – 91 Poole

Graham Robins was in Southampton for the South and South Wales clash between Southampton and Poole on Sunday, where youngster Ben Tinsdale was the star for the away side, bringing in 16 points.

Tinsdale was ably assisted by his Poole team mates, with the Southampton team contributing to a close match, which saw Comet, Dean Hook, guesting for the home side.

Check out the photos below.

Southampton 85
Gavin Wheeler 17 Callum Albin 15 Nathan Harris 15 Dean Hook (G) 10 George Newman 10 Kev Lowman 10 Dave Newman 5

Poole 91
Ben Tinsdale 16 Ben Donohue 15 Maciej Ganczarek 14 Jay Briggs 13 Aaron Smith 12 Ryan Bollom 11 Fraser Garnett 10

Thanks for the shots Graham!