CLUB NEWS: East Park continue to grow through Go-Ride sessions

East Park held their first official Go-Ride meeting on Thursday evening. It was a great success, with some 20 riders taking part under the watchful eye of British Cycling coach Bob Prince.

The Go-Ride sessions are to be run for the next eight weeks. The children taking part are shown how to set up for the beginning of a race how to pass another rider.

Chairman Al Bentley said: “The emphasis is on having fun while learning to ride Cycle Speedway. One of the most popular events is the limbo section, where riders have to go under the poles with one eventual winner.

“With British Cycling providing goodies for sessions tee shirts, gloves, trophies and wristbands, this all helps to get children to bring their friends to have a go.

“At these sessions we have drinks available and first aid on stand by for the occasional spill.

“If Cycle Speedway is to grow these sessions must be run by all clubs.”