EUROS 2016: Official coordinators announced and traffic warning issued

Competitors and supporters travelling to the South Coast next weekend for the ICSF European Championships at Poole and Southampton are urgently reminded that high volumes of traffic are expected on all three days.

A very early departure from their home base must be considered.

The Official Coordinators for the two tracks have been appointed by the ICSF to oversee the racing, they are:

Official Coordinators

1. Southampton – Rob Dyer (mobile: 07759 163 559 email address:

2. Poole – Pete Barnes (Tel: 01202 245087 / mobile: 07954 422 923 email address:

Rob and Pete will be the single point of contact at each specified venue for any European Championships racing activity.

Therefore these coordinators must be contacted direct and advised of any absentees or late arrivals etc.

Late Entries (on the day):

Blanks spaces may be allocated, on the day, to accommodate any late entry applications – these on a first come first served basis.

Riders will need to submit late entry (including payment of entry fee) to Rob or Pete at their designated venue.

Fees: Open = £15 Junior = £10

Note: Any late junior entries will need to be supported by documents to confirm date of birth (must be after 31st Dec 1997)


Appointed referees must report to event coordinators Rob Dyer (at Southampton) and Pete Barnes (at Poole) at least 30 minutes prior to their meeting.


Riders will be instructed on the day when to report to the referee/pits prior to racing.

Riders should also note that all non-qualifiers from the 1st set of qualifying rounds may be required to compete in a pre-qualifier event to determine the riders who will progress to the Repechage rounds – (this being dependant on final number of competitors eligible to compete in the Repechage)