CLUB NEWS: Robins score highest ever league success

Swindon finished the season in their highest ever league position since the club formed in 1976 when they came second in a three way race off for the South West title on Sunday.

Newport were the eventual winners for the fourth year in a row, but didn’t have it all their own way until the final third of the meeting, where Poole and Swindon began to tail off.

For Newport they were lead by Mark Carmichael and Jack Harrold, with solid support throughout and few weaknesses throughout their team. Poole were minus their Polish riders and focuses on youth which will only stand them in good stead for the future.

Swindon once again welcomed back Shaun Rudman and Danny Harper who added that extra bit of fire power to keep Swindon in the match until late on. Steve Harris and Rob Hunt also had their moments with Jim Bailey being used tactically at reserve to minimise the damage.

As for Swindon the outdoor season is now over and hopefully they can come back bigger and better next season. With the sport being radically restructured next season and with regions also competing within this, with some of the talent on show Sunday, the South West should more than hold their own against the other regions and hopefully sample success and a combined unit.