CLUB NEWS: Bury celebrate unbeaten Division 2 success

The ongoing development plan put together and implemented by the Bury coaching staff over the last three years is really coming into its own this season.

The Bury Division 2 team have gone from strength to strength in 2016. Starting way back in March and culminating in October with an undefeated run on the way to being crowned Northern League Division 2 champions.

The team spirit in the squad has been excellent, with hardly anyone missing a match home or away and being boosted half way through the season by also winning the Junior KOC Northern Championship title.

The majority of the Division 2 squad are 15 or under with the average age of the top 6 being 14 years, 9 months.

Captain, Adam Turnbull, has led the way being ever present, and especially at the end of the season, has produced some exceptional rides in an ideal captain’s way of leading by example.

Kaysar Mohammadi, riding in only his first full season, has been outstanding in his riding and dedication to improve, top scoring on more than one occasion; another ever present rider.

Adam Taylor, (Mr Cool) has been around for a few years, but this was the first time he had put in a full season due to other sporting commitments. He is the epitome of confidence and calmness under pressure, never the one to go looking for personal glory of top scores but perfectly capable of getting them or sitting in for that crucial 6-4 or 5-5 when required – an ideal team man all year.

Eric Motala, new to the sport but ultra keen and as well as making a valuable contribution to the team, has taught them all how to speak Polish. He enjoys his racing and another all out trier.

Asim Hussain, joined the club back in 2013 but vanished for a few years until rejoining again this year and going from strength to strength, learning fast and being one of the bravest young riders around for his ability to challenge opponents and secure points.

Louis Turner, another rider who has been around for a long time but made slow progress, until this year, when he secured third place in the U13s British final and has really made his presence felt in the Division 2 team since then.

The reserve berths have been mainly held by older riders who have added some steadying influence to the team, plus 11 year old Harry Radford, who despite his diminutive size and stature, has more than made up for it in his ability to battle for his points and his never give up attitude.

The squad has received praise throughout the season from their opponents and from their coach. At least three of the squad are holding down regular first team places with another two taking up occasional first team reserve berths.

With the same squad still eligible for next season and the inclusion of both James Elston, who rode half the season and top scored before a serious leg injury put him out for the season, and GB junior International Danny Taylor, for the Junior Northern KOC, Bury must be really in with a great chance of retaining both trophies in 2017.

Congratulations Boys from everyone in the Club, and especially the Coaching team.