MATCH REPORT: Parr retains Northumbrian title

Northumbria ended their 2016 campaign with the Northumbrian Riders’ Championship on Sunday.

Prior to the meeting, gallons of water had to be pumped off the track. The weather was also not kind, a freezing north wind and showers persisted all day. Despite this, 19 riders took part to decide the various categories.

The main event was expected to be dominated by the Parr brothers, Jason Keith and Dan Redshaw.

Early action in heat 3 saw Mick Parr take a tumble on the third bend while trying an outside pass on Kirkup and seeing his chance go with an exclusion.

After the riders had finished three races, Gavin and Jason were unbeaten, Redshaw and Kirkup still in it with 10 each.

Wins for Parr, Keith and Redshaw in their fourth ride saw all eyes focus on heat 19 meeting between the big two. From the tapes it was Mick Parr who led into the first bend, and managed to hold on for a couple of laps until Gavin and then Jason came through.

So Gavin Parr was outright winner with the second division champion being Dan Redshaw. In a separate group of races, Lee Redshaw was the division 3 winner to round off a fine afternoon for Northumbria’s hottest prospect.

In all it was an exciting day of racing, and credit should be given to the riders, officials and spectators who braved the elements.


1. Gavin Parr 20
2. Jason Keith 19
3. Dan Redshaw 18


Terry Kirkup 16
Shane Gray 14
Dean Douglas 13
Mick Parr 13
Keith Oldham 13
Lee Redshaw 12
JP Colback 11
Daniel Thompson 11
Richie Smith 10
Jordan Smith
Paul Thompson 7
Daniel Heppell 7
Malcolm Douglas 6

Division 2

1. Dan Redshaw
2. Dean Douglas
3. Keith Oldham

Division 3

1. Lee Redshaw
2. Samantha Crane
3. Bailey Bowman

U13 Champion Lee Redshaw with Northumbria chairman Keith Dyer.

U13 Champion Lee Redshaw with Northumbria chairman Keith Dyer.