NEWS: Clarke takes on Women’s League role

Exeter based, Peter Clarke is the new Women’s League manager, after Natalie Timms stepped down at the end of last season.

Clarke is the father of British and European champion, Lauren Hookway and a keen follower of the women and girls scene.

Talking to 33/18 News, he commented: “I am very excited to take on the role from Natalie. Having been involved in the women’s racing over the years, I have come to enjoy it and watch it’s progress grow year after year.”

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke

As for the future of women’s racing under his leadership, Clarke added: “I would like to see more events for the women’s racing and making sure we get the youngest of the girls involved so they don’t lose interest in the sport.

“We can Bring them on to take over and carry on the great sport that the woman racing is at the moment.”

In other officials news, Ross Mee has agreed to continue his role as Youth and Junior League manager. Ross has done a superb job in recent seasons and his re-appointment is equally very welcome.

We wish Peter and Ross the best for 2017.