FIXTURES: Midland League fixtures now available

The Midland League fixtures have now been added to our 2017 Calendar page.

The season kicks off on 2nd April with an all Wednesfield affair at Ashmore Park and concludes on 3rd September 2017.

EDIT: Wednesfield Dragons have pulled out of the league.

2017 Midland League fixtures

Sat 01 Apr
Sun 02 Apr Dragons Aces
Sat 08 Apr BJY R1 – Leicester
Sun 16 Apr Coventry Dragons
East Park Aces
Sat 22 Apr BYJ R2 – Wednesfield
Sun 23 Apr Birmingham East Park
Aces Dragons
Leicester Coventry
Sun 07 May Coventry Birmingham
Aces Leicester
Sat 13 May BYJ R3 – Coventry
Sun 14 May Dragons Birmingham
Leicester Aces
Sat 03 Jun BYJ R4 – Birmingham
Sun 04 Jun Coventry East Park
Dragons Leicester
Sun 11 Jun Birmingham Aces
Leicester East Park
Sun 25 Jun Birmingham Leicester
Aces Coventry
Sun 02 Jul East Park Dragons
Coventry Aces
Sun 09 Jul Aces East Park
Leicester Dragons
Sun 16 Jul Aces Birmingham
East Park Coventry
Sun 30 Jul Birmingham Dragons
Coventry Leicester
Sun 06 Aug East Park Birmingham
Dragons Coventry
Sun 13 Aug Dragons East Park
Leicester Birmingham
Sun 03 Sep East Park Leicester
Birmingham Coventry
Sat 09 Sep Midland Indi Birmingham