MATCH REPORT: Stockport go top with win over Bury

Stockport moved to the top of the North and Scotland League first division with an emphatic show of strength against Bury at St. Thomas recreation ground this afternoon.

Eleven 7-3 heat wins helped the home team to a 112-67 victory, with Ben Higham dropping just one point to Bury’s Kris Ramsden in heat eight. Jake Read was unbeaten in five races, but suffered a gate exclusion when out against Ramsden in heat five.

Once again Stockport’s young second strings contributed well to their team’s win, each taking five of their six programmed rides, with Louis Wright putting together some fine rides to score an impressive 18 and Michael Preston scoring 16+2.

Bury managed two heat advantages, one when Read was excluded and a second just before the interval when the Ramsden/Turnbull pair got the better of Higham and Lush, that being the only race when Jack Lush dropped points in the four rides he took.

For Bury, Kris Ramsden was in fine form, dropping just two points from six rides to top his team’s score chart with 22 but he lacked any real support despite his team mates best efforts.

Bury are obviously missing the points potential that Chris Parish and Ben Scranage would give them, with the North and Scotland League also being worse off for their absence.

Stockport 112
B. Higham 19+4, Louis Wright 18, Michael Preston 16+2, Terry Norman 15+3, Jake Read 18+2, Devon Campbell 14+1, Jack Lush 12+1, Lance McCabe DNR.

Bury 67
Will Owens 10, Eryk Motala 7, Kris Ramsden 22, Adam Turnbull 6, Neil Howarth 11, Kaysar Mohammadi 5, Asim Hussain 5. Steve Mann 2

Match Race: Jake Read (Holder) beat Kris Ramsden.

Referee – Mat Lush

Bury continued their good start to the season beating a five man Stockport team who found the twenty penalty points they gave away for using Ben Higham too much to overcome.

Kaysar Mohammadi was Bury’s top scorer with three good wins, including a last heat win over Higham, from his five rides for a total of 16+1 with the rest of his team mates contributing well to their success.

For the home team, Louis Wright continued his good form to score a five ride paid max. Devon Campbell dropped just one point to Mohammadi in heat five.

Stockport 76
Ben Higham 18+1, Lance McCabe 5, Michael Preston 18, Devon Campbell 16+3, Louis Wright 19+1.

Bury 69+20pp = 89
Kaysar Mohammadi 16+1, Harry Radford 10+1, Eryk Motala 11, Steve Mann 9+1, Adam Turnbull 12+1, Asim Hussain 9+1, Josh Neath 2+1

Referee – Graham Lush

The Division Three match saw Bury’s three young but more experienced riders easily take a big win scoring 36 points to Stockport’s 4.

Each of the four races resulted in wins to Bury’s Harry Radford with Josh Neath pushing him all the way for four seconds whilst Kaci Neath picked up four thirds.

Stockport’s nine year old Jarvis Yates battled bravely, but had to be content with just four points for his efforts.

Stockport 4
Jarvis Yates 4

Bury 36
Harry Radford 16, Josh Neath 12, Kaci Neath 8.

Referee – Graham Lush