SUPERTRAX: Excitement builds as new race jerseys arrive

Excitement is building for the new Supertax Battle of Britain and Women’s League series, with the new race jerseys arriving from production this week.

The first round of Battle of Britain action takes place on Sunday 30 April, with the Midlands facing off against South East and East at Leicester, while the North and Scotland host South West and Wales at Astley & Tyldesley.

The eye catching race jerseys were designed and produced by 33/18 Designs, subsidised to a cut rate price, with North and Scotland, South East and East and South West and Wales all taking up the offer for both Battle of Britain and Women’s League.

The South East and East region secured sponsorship in the form of Suffolk based Collier and Catchpole Builders Merchants and Select Office furniture, while the North and Scotland secured £500 funding towards the cost of race jerseys from the Yorkshire, North East and North West Regional Boards of British Cycling, along with Scottish Cycling, who all agreed to contribute £125 each towards the new race jerseys.

North and Scotland Chairman, Mike Hack commented: “I’m delighted with the support provided by the cycling regions, to enable the North & Scotland riders to be properly kitted out in the new Battle of Britain series.”

Following on from the North and Scotland training camp earlier this month, the South East and East region held their own training camp at Ipswich last night in preparation for their trip to the East Midlands.

The Wosskow-Brown sponsored Women’s League also kicks off on 30th April, with round one down in Exeter. While it is a team event, there is also a successful individual event open to all women and girls from Cycle Speedway, who are encouraged to enter.

Any body wishing to purchase their own Supertrax jersey with their name on the back can order one from 33/18 Designs’ website, more details are here: 

Wosskow-Brown continue their support for the Women’s League. This year sees the North & Scotland and South East & East merge into one team.