AUSTRALIA: Chadwick and Osborne big winners at Findon

The Mick Harley Invitational is an annual event to recognise the founder of the club and was a very close, hotly contested event where the fortunes of many riders changed in their last race.

Shane Weinert, Daniel Robb could have easily been in the top 4, if not for a gate exclusion. Ross Priest was in second place to Cody Chadwick and decided he was going to win or go down trying and the latter prevailed.

Joel Chadwick and Cody Chadwick both tied on 17. And in the runoff Cody passed his brother on turn 1 of the last lap to take the title. The Championship was one of the best for many years with all riders trying their very best to impress the selectors for the 2017 Aussie Team.


Cody Chadwick 17, Joel Chadwick 17, Ty Geertsen 16, Ross Priest 15, Jack Norman 14, Shane Bentley 14, Bobby McMillan 14, Braden Makepeace 13, Shane Weinert 12.

Referee – Rob Fleming

(L-R) Cody Chadwick, Joel Chadwick, Ty Geertsen, Ross Priest.

Allan Staunton has been a dedicated president, maintenance worker and track manager at Findon since the mid 80s and is honoured each year with an Invitational Championship in his name.

16 Riders battled it out over 20 heats with some very exciting racing. Going into the last block of races, there were 7 riders all within 3 points of each other.

Cooper Osborne shone out on the day winning on a max and then there was a runoff for 2nd and 3rd between Braylan MacDonald and Bradley Williams-Cook (both finished on 18) and another runoff for 4th placing between Cooper Davies and Ben Pudney (17).

The winner won a Racing top, trophy and $50 cash.


Cooper Osborne 20, Braylan MacDonald 18, Bradley Williams-Cook 18, Cooper Davies 17, Ben Pudney 17, Tylar MacDonald 15, Seth Foster 13.

Referee – Rob Fleming

(L-R) Cooper Osborne, Braylan MacDonald, Bradley Wililams-Cook, Cooper Davies.