MATCH REPORT: BYJL North and Scotland Round 3

With the Astley & Tyldesley club providing almost half of the 27 contestants in today’s poorly attended BYJL Regional Round 3 at Stockport, it was little surprise that they easily topped the team score sheet with 136 points, ahead of second placed Sheffield on 88 points with hosts Stockport third on 48 and Bury in fourth place on 26 points.

The U8s saw three A&T riders racing each other, with Frank White winning each of his four heats, but in the A final it was Aiden Green who got the better of Frank to take the 25 GP points.

Sheffield’s Joe Brownell raced unbeaten in the U10s to win his four heats and the A final whilst A&T’s Duncan Whalley was second in both the heats and A final.

In the U12s Bury’s spectacularly entertaining Harry Radford and Astley’s John White avoided meeting each other in the heats to both score 16 points each, but it was John who came out on top in the A final with Harry second.

Stockport’s Daniel Mason took advantage of Astley’s Matt Snell suffering two gate exclusions to top the heat scores, but it was Matt who made no mistakes to win the A final with Daniel second.

The only two girls, A&T’s Emily Burgess and Sheffield’s Niamh Morton chose to ride in the U18/Junior event with each beating each other in the two races where they met to both record an adjusted score of 15 points each. In their A final it was Niamh who took the win to score 25 GP points.

Sheffield’s Adam Watson dropped one point in his four heats to top the U18’s with his team mate Ed Morton second, despite scoring just one point in his first ride. Adam took the 25 GP points winning the A final but it was Stockport’s “pocket rocket” Louis Wright, who took a good second ahead of Ed to score 20 GP points.

Team totals

Little League

Astley & Tyldesley  64, Sheffield 16, Stockport 6


Sheffield 82, Astley & Tyldesley 76, Stockport 42, Bury 26

GP A final results

U8 1st Aiden Green 2nd Frank White 3rd Sabrina Evans
U10 1st Joe Brownell 2nd Duncan Whalley 3rd Tom Morrissey 4th Jarvis Yates
U12 1st John White 2nd Harry Radford 3rd Jack Brownell 4th Charlie Burgess
U14 1st Matt Snell 2nd Daniel Mason 3rd Louis Turner 4th Kielan Burton
U18 1st Adam Watson 2nd Louis Wright 3rd Ed Morton
Girls 1st Niamh Morton 2nd Emily Burgess