MATCH REPORT: A day to forget for Northumbria

Stockport totally overwhelmed the home side in their Division 1 match. Far superior from the starts, Northumbria quickly found themselves 20 points down as Stockport opened with five 7-3s.

There was no way back as Ben Higham, Michael Preston, Devon Campbell and Terry Norman all rode unbeaten. Louis Wright may well have joined them, but a tapes exclusion ended his chance.

Northumbria were mainly unable to put up a challenge, a handful of shared heats the best they could offer. Jason Keith had his worst meeting in years, and none of the remainder impressed, despite team manager Neil Magee giving ten of his riders an outing.

To compound Northumbria’s misery, the weather turned colder and wetter as the meeting progressed. League leaders Astley and Tyldesley visit next Sunday in the final home match of a season that has been a struggle from the start.

Northumbria 69
Jason Keith 12+2, Terry Kirkup 10, Dan Redshaw 10, Dan Wharrier 12+2, Andy Knowles 2(2), Paul Thompson 4(2), Lee Redshaw 7+1(3), Shane Gray 4+1(2), Keith Oldham 5(2), Dan Thompson 3+1(2).

Stockport 110
Ben Higham 19+5, Louis Wright 20(5), Michael Preston 18+2(5), Devon Campbell 18+2(5), Daniel Mason 11+1(5), Lance McCabe 4(4).

Stockport continued the Division 2 match in similar fashion, crushing the home side by 23 points, although only tracking five riders. Louis Wright, Michael Preston and Devon Campbell were unbeaten, and this time missing out was Daniel Mason with four wins and a tape infringement.

As he was riding alone in heat 10 this led to Northumbria’s only heat win and advantage of the day, Gray and Knowles riding one lap for a 7-0. Lee Redshaw and Shane Gray were best for the Vikings, but it was certainly a day to forget for Northumbria.

Northumbria 60
Shane Gray 12+1, Lee  Redshaw 12+1, Dan Thompson 5+1(4),Keith Oldham 9(4). Andy Knowles 9+2(4), Bradley Stansfield 8, Paul Thompson 5+1(3).

Stockport 84
Louis Wright 17+3, Lance McCabe 15, no rider, Michael Preston 20, Daniel Mason 16, Devon Campbell 15+5.

Referee – Keith Dyer