MATCH REPORT: A&T are kings in the north

Astley & Tyldesley capped a great week of results by winning the North and Scotland Regional Final at Gin Pit on Sunday.

A&T lined up without captain Paul Graham, due to a foot injury sustained in Wednesday’s Play Off, so Kyle Holland moved up into the A group and Lee Phillips stepped into the B group.

Bury and Stockport were also missing Neil Howarth and Michael Preston, but crucially didn’t have replacements, so with only three teams competing, at least 8 points each were forfeited by those teams.

At the end of the first round of 8 races, the scores were: A&T 25, Bury 22, Stockport 21. Bury fell behind in the next round of races as A&T stretched their lead to go into the interval 6 points ahead of Stockport. Half time scores were: A&T 50 Stockport 44 Bury 40.

The margin was still the same after the third round of races, with the scores: A&T 73 Stockport 67 Bury 62. A&T’s comfortable lead was jolted when Ciaran Collins moved at the gate in heat 29, and a Louis Wright win for Stockport reduced the gap to three points with three races remaining.

Kyle Holland and Reece Pollitt won the next two races for A&T to seal victory with one race remaining. Max Evans was content to ride home in third place in the last heat, as A&T beat Stockport by three points, with Bury a further 14 points adrift.

In a match affected by heavy rain showers, Reece Pollitt raced to a superb 16 points maximum for A&T, with solid support from the rest and the inclusion of an eighth rider proving to be decisive.

Jack Lush raced unbeaten for Stockport, as a B group rider, with Ben Higham and Jake Read, on his 21st birthday, losing only to Pollitt. B group rider Adam Taylor topped the scores for Bury.

Astley & Tyldesley qualify as Northern winners for the Cycle Speedway Knock-out Cup Grand Final at Coventry next Sunday.

A&T’s play off winning side.

A&T 95
Reece Pollitt 16, Kyle Holland 13, Mick Knowles 13, Lee Phillips 13, Mark Grantham 12, Max Evans 10, Emily Burgess 10, Ciaran Collins 8.

Stockport 92
Jack Lush 16, Ben Higham 15, Jake Read 15, Devon Campbell 14, Terry Norman 11, Daniel Mason 11, Louis Wright 10.

Bury 78
Adam Taylor 13, Will Owens 12, Adam Turnbull 12, James Elston 11, Kaysar Mohammadi 11, Kris Ramsden 10, Harry Radford 9.

Referee – Andy Schofield (Hull)