ICSF WORLDS: Entry list and updated itinerary released

The 2017 ICSF World Championships look to be fiercely competitive, after the entry lists were released by the ICSF earlier this week.

Of the last 6 world champions since 1999, 5 are in the open event; Steve Harris, Dave Hemsley, Marcin Szymanski, Lukas Nowacki and Bartek Grabowski are all included in the draw.

Australia have strength in numbers, while Great Britain are loaded up with talent and will travel well to Adelaide, which should provide some close encounters in the test series against Australia.

Poland travel without some previous regulars, but still boast many of the world’s top riders in their ranks.

One thing is certain, it’s going to be an excellent three weeks of racing down under. 33/18 News will be reporting from track side throughout.