ICSF WORLDS: Brand new schedule to bring Worlds around every 18 months

The ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championships will now take place more often than the current 2 years, as it has been agreed to run the world championships every 18 months.

The new schedule will look like:

  • 2019: Poland – (May/June)
  • 2020: Australia – (Nov/Dec)
  • 2022: Great Britain – (May/June)
  • 2023: Australia – (Nov/Dec)
  • 2025: Poland – (May/June)

An Over 49 competition is also to be added to Championships. 

The move by the ICSF will bring Cycle Speedway’s top racing to the UK and Poland more often, which will be a welcome change to the European nations, but still give enough time for riders in both hemispheres to save for the long trips.