MATCH REPORT: A&T maintain unbeaten start

Northern League Champions, Astley & Tyldesley, raced to another treble of victories in Sunday’s Northern League fixture at Bury.

A&T recorded a convincing 102-75 win in the Division 1 match. The scores were level after heat 2, before A&T banged in five heat wins in the next six races, to hold a commanding 47-32 lead at the interval.

The visitors posted three maximum heat wins in the second half, to lead 88-60 going into the three nominated races. A&T took 6-4 heat wins in heats 16 and 18, with Bury scoring a consolation 7-2 win in heat 17.

Polish flyer Pawel Idziorek was once again in top form, recording a bonus maximum, with solid scores from the rest of the team. Special mention for Ciaran Collins, who lost just once to an opponent, in an impressive return to the team, after a lengthy absence.

Adam Turnbull and Kris Ramsden were best for Bury, against a much fitter and faster A&T outfit.

Bury 75
Adam Turnbull 16, Kris Ramsden 15, Adam Taylor 11 (2), James Elston 9, Danny Taylor 8 (1), Kaysar Mohammadi 7, Neil Howarth 5, Eryk Motala 3, Louis Turner 1.

A&T 102
Pawel Idziorek 23 (1), Kyle Holland 19, Steve Harris 18 (2), Max Evans 14, Ciaran Collins 12 (2), Paul Graham 9 (2), Mick Knowles 4, Mark Grantham 3, Emily Burgess dnr.

Referee – Stuart Howarth

The Division 2 match was a closer affair, as defending champions A&T beat last year’s runners-up Bury, 78-69.

The first two heats were shared, before A&T took four 6-4’s in the next six races, to lead 44-36 at the break. A&T extended their lead in the second half, before Bury took a consolation 7-3 win in the last race.

Louis Turner top scored for Bury, losing only to Mark Grantham in heat 1. Max Evans led the A&T charge, beaten only by Kaysar Mohammadi in heat 11.

Bury 69
Louis Turner 19, Kaysar Mohammadi 16 (1), Harry Radford 11 (1), Eryk Motala 11 (1), Dawar Mohammadi 8, Steve Mann 4 (1).

A&T 78
Mark Grantham 15 (1), Max Evans 15, Mick Knowles 13, John White 12 (1), Emily Burgess 10, Tom Morrissey 5 (1), Mark Brundrett 5, Charlie Burgess 3.

Referee – Stuart Howarth

Defending champions A&T romped to a big win in the Division 3 match, 136-24. The two sections were combined, which deprived the u-10s and u-13s of more competitive racing. Consequently, John White of A&T and Bury’s Harry Radford didn’t meet each other, both racing unbeaten.

Bury 24
Harry Radford 16, Tom Dunphy 8.

A&T 136
John White 16, Tom Morrissey 14, Charlie Burgess 13, Frank White 13, Duncan Whalley 13, Fraser Brundrett 10, Aiden Green 10, Lucy Grantham 9, Lewis Skitterall 9, Tom Beeley 7, Freddie Cox 7, Sabrina Evans 6, Myles Grantham 5, Aliesha Green 4.

Referee – Stuart Howarth

Report by Mike Hack