MATCH REPORT: Club Championships at Kesgrave

The War Memorial Playing Field in Kesgrave played host to the opening Club Championship events of 2018, with the Under 12, Junior and Under 14 Championships up for grabs as well as the Little League Under 10s.

The Under 12s were first on track and this event was contested by Poole, Kesgrave & Ipswich. It was the host club Kesgrave who emerged victorious with 59 points with Charlie Beeton unbeaten by an opponent and British Under 12 runner-up Noah Woodhouse losing just once, to Poole’s Kenzie Bennett, who himself was defeated only by Charlie Beeton in his third race. Poole finished as runners-up with 53 points with Ipswich 3rd on 36 points

Kesgrave 59
Charlie Beeton 16, Noah Woodhouse 15, Torsten Jolly 14, Charlie Parr 14, Dan Robb dnr

Poole 53
Kenzie Bennett 15, Joe Hurren 12, Ollie Saunders 12, Daisy Sherwood 10

Ipswich 36
Kenzie Strait 9, Kaiden Thorpe 7, Keyton Ripper 7, Kai Gowers 7, Robin Coe 6

Referee: Gary Brown

The Juniors were next and this event was contested by the same 3 clubs as the Under 12s. Birmingham should have joined the juniors but withdrew due to rider unavailability. It was Ipswich who emerged victorious with 52 points with Junior Elite GP Champion Pierce Bacon racing unbeaten.

His brother Harrison, the reigning British Under 16 Boys Champion, scored 14 points, losing out to Lewis Brinkhoff (Kesgrave) and Fraser Garnett (Poole), who both top scored for their respective teams. Kesgrave finished as runners-up with 49 points with Poole 3rd on 41 points

Ipswich 52
Pierce Bacon 16, Harrison Bacon 14, Ben Clarke 13, Reece Johnson 7, Luke Dunningham 2

Kesgrave 49
Lewis Brinkhoff 15, Tyler Brinkhoff 13, Charlie Long 11, James Porter 10

Poole 41
Fraser Garnett 14, Hayden Rowles 10, Ben Tinsdale 9, Macie Schmidt 8

Referee: Steve Copping

Ipswich, Poole and Birmingham all contested the 2017 Under 14 Club Championship and all 3 teams would be involved in the 2018 event, the 4th team on this occasion being the host club Kesgrave. It was Poole who emerged victorious on this occasion with 53 points for whom Nathan Goulden was undefeated with Maddie Saunders losing just once, to Ipswich’s Harvey Young in heat 15. Kesgrave finished as runners-up with 45 points with Ipswich 3rd on 31 and Birmingham 4th on 29

Poole 53
Nathan Goulden 16, Maddie Saunders 15, Josh Nottle 12, Faroze Langoo 6, Kenzie Bennett 4

Kesgrave 45
Noah Woodhouse 13, Charlie Beeton 12, Hansen Ingram 11, Phoebe Hammond 9, Charlie Parr dnr

Ipswich 31
Kristian Mitchell 11, Harvey Young 10, Kai Gowers 5, Freddie Coe 3, Kenzie Strait 2

Birmingham 29
Bekah Humphries 10, Charlie Buet-Gannon 8, Connor Steel 6, Ben Heagren 5

Referee: Gary Brown

Seven teams contested the Little league Under 10s Club Championship which included 2 teams from Kesgrave and 2 from Astley & Tyldesley.

It was Kesgrave’s A team which emerged victorious with 59 points, for whom Ryker Jolly and Harvey Shumake were undefeated by an opponent.

Poole finished as runners-up with 52 points, Logan Bennett their top scorer with 15 points, dropping his only point to Jolly. 3rd place went to A&T’s A team with 45 points, one ahead of Kesgrave’s B team.

Ipswich finished 5th with 33.5 points ahead of Norwich on 25.5 points, the half point coming about by a dead heat between Freddie Fullilove of Ipswich and Norwich rider Will Blackmore in heat 7. A&T’s B team finished 7th on 21 points

Kesgrave A 59
Ryker Jolly 16, Harvey Shumake 12, Oliver Edmunds 11, Lily Parr 11, Luca Woodhouse 9

Poole 52
Logan Bennett 15, Natalie Goulden 14, Max Parry 12, Bobby Baker 11

Astley A 45
Aiden Green 13, Duncan Whalley 12, Tom Keeley 10, Frank White 10

Kesgrave B 44
Magnus Vincent 14, Oscar Hammond 11, Tallulah Saunders 8, Charlie Spurgeon 6, Thomas Jackaman 5

Ipswich 33.5
Freddie Fullilove 10.5, Hayden Mitchell 7, Declan Baker 6, Emil Gowers 5, Mitchell Baker 5

Norwich 25.5
Connor Jarrett 8, Will Blackmore 5.5, Tabby Nierop 5, Mia Overton 4, Maddy Grady 3

Astley B 21
Lewis Skitterall 7, Freddie Cox 6, Ada Cox 4, Aliesha Green 4

Referee:Ray Pyke

Overall Club Championship Standings

Kesgrave 65
Poole 63
Ipswich 61
Birmingham 16

The next Club Championship events are the Under 16 Girls, Women and Over 40s, which will take place at Astley & Tyldesley on Saturday June 23rd. The Open and Under 16 Boys events takes place on Saturday 18 August at Leicester.

Photos by Andrew Parr.