MATCH REPORT: BYJL North & Scotland Regional Round 3 at Sheffield

Astley & Tyldesley’s 100% record in domestic competition at all levels this season continues! Team Green have taken wins in both the North regional Little League and Youth & Junior League Round 3 matches at Sheffield’s Cookson Park this afternoon.

Little League result
Astley & Tyldesley 81 Sheffield 35 Bury 4
U-8s: Frank White (A&T) 15, Aiden Green (A&T) 15, Charlie Priest (Sheffield) 14, Freddy Warn (A&T) 9, Charlie Mawhood (Sheffield) 9, Aliesha Green (A&T) 8.
u-10s: Duncan Whalley (A&T) 16, Edward Balfour (Sheffield) 12, Tom Beeley (A&T) 10, Lewis Skitterall (A&T) 8, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 4.

Aiden Green won the u-8 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, from Frank White, Charlie Priest and Freddy Warn. Duncan Whalley won the u-10 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, from Edward Balfour, Tom Beeley and Lewis Skitterall.

British Youth & Junior League result
Astley & Tyldesley 71 Sheffield 64 Stockport 34 Hull 12

U-12s: John White (A&T) 16, Logan Perkins (Sheffield) 13, Tom Morrissey (A&T) 10, Sam Stansfield (Hull) 5, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 5.
U-14s: Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 16, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 14, James Morris (Sheffield) 12, Harry Hulme (Stockport) 10.
Girls: Emily Burgess (A&T) 16, Chloe Warn (A&T) 14.
U-18s: Ciaran Collins (A&T) 15, Devon Campbell (Stockport) 14, Louis Wright (Stockport) 10, Bradley Stansfield (Hull) 7, Steven Webber (Sheffield) 4.

Current u-12 British Grand Prix Champion John White won the u-12 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, finishing ahead of Logan Perkins, Tom Morrissey and Sam Stansfield. Kielan Burton won the u-14 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, from Jack Brownell, James Morris and Harry Hulme. The Girls Grand Prix ‘A’ Final was won by Emily Burgess, with Chloe Warn second. Devon Campbell won the u-18 Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, with Ciaran Collins second, Louis Wright third and Bradley Stansfield fourth.