CLUB NEWS: East park stage 6-hour Come and try it session

On Tuesday 17th July, East Park cycle speedway club visited Highfields Academy, Wolverhampton, to stage a six-hour epic “come and try it” session.

Broken down into three two hour sessions with eighty riders per session, the event was an overriding success. The school charged each rider £3.00 which was donated to the local Compton Hospice.

The East Park club staged the events for free as part of the clubs ongoing Development / recruitment programme. A total of over £700 was raised towards this noble charity.

Fourteen bikes, start gate and safety equipment was provided by the club along with the relevant risk assessments. Over two hundred advertising leaflets were handed out to the year seven students on the day.

The racing took place on a grass track with a portable safety fence in place. Over 150 races took place with some real talent coming to the fore as the riders became accustomed to the strange “cycle speedway bikes”!

There are plans afoot to set up an inter school cycle speedway competition within the
Wolverhampton area, (curriculum allowing), which has got to be good news for the sport.

Many congratulations once again to the energetic and committed East Park club members for giving up their time to help drive the club and sport forwards. The club may not have the strongest racing team but it’s ongoing commitment to the sport puts it way up the league table.