HSBC UK ELITE GP: Pairs deadline tomorrow – Enter now!

Entry for the HSBC UK Elite GP Pairs pilot, which takes place at Coventry on Saturday closes tomorrow. Online entry for the elite men and elite junior class also closes tomorrow, but day entry is permitted. The Coventry club have confirmed that additional prize money has been made available, so the winner of the elite men could take home triple figures depending on entries.

The pairs event sees riders permitted to pair up with each other without the restriction of club and will be run in a “World Cup” style format, with pairs drawn into group stages where they will race each other from inside and outside grids, before the top pairs progress into knock out stages and a grand final, where the top two pairs will share the prize money (split 65% and 35%).

One rider can enter the pairs event who then lists their partner in the signing up process via the British Cycling website at the link below:

There is no entry on the day for the pairs event. The pairs draw will be conducted live on Coventry Cycle Speedway’s Facebook page on Thursday evening around 7:35pm.

Riders racing in the individual events are encouraged to enter before the end of Wednesday so Coventry can plan the timings. If there is need for a men’s qualifier, it is hoped to make it the first competition of the day before the junior event.

Action from HSBC UK Elite GP Round 2 at Ipswich. Photo by Phil Clarke.

Coventry’s Lee Marsh commented: “We’re looking forward to a good day and hope that the event is well supported. The senior and pairs event are looking healthy and the junior is currently half full.

“We’d like to encourage all riders to come along, especially those in the Midlands who race in the U18 BYJL category, as well as any senior riders.

“The club are throwing an extra £100 into the senior and junior prize pot, which means the top three juniors will take hope £20, £10 and £5 respectively, while the top 3 seniors will have an additional £35, £20 and £10 for the top three.

“We had an excellent couple of matches two weeks ago when the Battle of Britain came to town, so we’re looking forward to another excellent day of Cycle Speedway.”

All three events are open to all ability riders, whatever their level. Get those entries in, the nationals are just around the corner!