LITTLE LEAGUE INDIVIDUALS: Reminder-Entries are open

Following on from the inaugural staging of the Little League Individuals at Leicester in 2017, the competition, which is being sponsored by 33/18, is being staged again this year at Astley & Tyldesley starting at 10am on Saturday August 25th. The event will cater for Under 8’s, Under 10 Girls & Under 10 Boys.

Entry fee is £4 per rider (inc £1.50 levy to BC). Enter either: Online on BC website (and pay £1 extra for the privilege!) or pay £4 cash to either
Ross Mee or Catherine White at the Coventry BYJL round, or by post to Mike Hack, accompanied by a cheque payable to “Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club”.

Entries Close at 11pm on Saturday August 18th