CLUB NEWS: Stars suffer double defeat at Leicester

Norwich Stars opened their 2019 season with a visit to Leicester for 2 challenge matches at Senior & Junior level. The Senior match was first and the Stars finished on the wrong end of a 111-69 scoreline but the score was not a reflection of the effort being put in by all the riders. Birmingham rider Mark Winwood, who was guesting for the Stars, top scored with 17 points. Jamie Medler & Gary Colby scored 13 each whilst Kieran Legg scored 7, Steve Copping, debuting his brand new Archie Wilkinson bike which he had collected the previous day, scored 6, Dave Spauls & Tom Blackmore scored 5 each and Shaun Kell 3.

The Junior match followed and Norwich were on the wrong end of a 100-80 scoreline but as with the senior match the score was not a reflection of the effort that was being put in. Tom Blackmore top scored with 17 points and featured in the Stars’ only 7-3 of the match where he combined with his brother Will for the maximum over the Leicester pairing of Dillon Laikin & Sian Raynor. Shaun Kell & Kieran Legg managed 15 points each, Josie Kell scored 10, Will Blackmore 9, Connor Jarrett 7, Tabby Nierop 5 and Frank Spauls 2.

Frank did not take his last 2 races after he suffered a bump on the head in his 2nd race

The return match takes place at Norwich on Sunday March 3rd