CLUB NEWS: Hawks turn their first wheels of 2019

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES turned their first wheels in the 2019 season with a trip to Coventry for a challenge match. A very entertaining match ensued but several riders discovered how much fitness they need to improve before the season starts for real in April.

New signing Craig Norton put in a solid performance and the team was well led by experienced Leigh Cossey but the star of the day was young Charlie Lyth who included a win in his 13 points. Owen Wells made what was a guest appearance, now that he has transferred to Wednesfield to further his chances of success in his last season as a junior, also rode well.

The Hawks hope to entertain Coventry in a return match this Sunday (1 p.m.)

(L.Cossey 16, C.Norton 14, O.Wells 14, C.Lyth 13, B.Loombe 13, H.Hamill 7, D.Longlands 4, P.Delaiche 4)