MATCH REPORT: Astley Dominate BYJL at Stockport & Ewan Brings Cheer to Home Team

Astley and Tyldesley riders dominated the BYJL and Little League third Regional round at Stockport today. Team Green led the scores in the little league with 96 points, Sheffield (64) were second with Bury (14) third and Hull (6) in Fourth. The BYJL was an even more convincing win, Astley finishing with 79, Sheffield (36) were again second from Stockport (25) third and Bury (10) fourth.

Frank White won the under 8’s, scoring a maximum 16 points and taking the A final to maintain his unbeaten record in 2019. Stephen Warn, Oliver Banyard and Bobby Dunphy each recorded double wins, with Levi Edwards and Ada Cox managing a single win.


Frank White (A and T) 16, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 14, Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 14, Stephen Warn (A and T) 14, Levi Edwards (A and T) 12, Ada Cox (A and T) 10, Westby Taylor (Sheffield) 10, Aleisha Green (A and T) 8, Morgan Mobbs (Hull) 6.

A Final – 1st Frank White, 2nd Oliver Banyard, 3rd Stephen Warn, 4th Bobby Dunphy
B Final – 1st Levi Edwards, 2nd Aliesha Green, 3rd Westby Taylor, 4th Ada Cox
C Final – 1st Morgan Mobbs.

The under 10’s joint leaders Aiden Green and Edward Balfour were kept away from one another in the qualifying races. Aiden getting four race wins. Edward won three races, losing out to Charlie Priest in heat 4. Charlie making a great pass on the second lap. These three have contested the top three places in all three rounds so far. Edward making the most of grid two in the A final with a fast start to go and claim the win, and take sole lead of the GP series. Aiden pressed the best he could, but had to be aware how close Charlie was.


Aiden Green (A and T) 16, Edward Balfour (Sheffield) 15, Charlie Priest (Sheffield) 13, Tom Beeley (A and T) 10, Freddie Cox (A and T) 10, Erin Balfour (Sheffield) 8, Jessica Hammett (Sheffield) 4.

A Final – 1st Edward Balfour, 2nd Aiden Green, 3rd Charlie Priest, 4th Tom Beeley
B Final – 1st Freddie Cox, 2nd Erin Balfour, 3rd Jessica Hammett.

Tom Morrissey raced to victory in the under 12’s, winning all five of his races. Oliver Mackenzie showed his improved form, taking two race victories. Fraser Brundrett and Duncan Whalley were also race winners. Duncan recovering after taking a heavy fall in his opening race.


Tom Morrissey (A and T) 16, Oliver Mackenzie (Sheffield) 14, Fraser Brundrett (A and T) 13, Duncan Whalley (A and T) 11, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 10. Alfie Sutherland (Sheffield) 6.

A Final – 1st Tom Morrissey, 2nd Oliver Mackenzie, 3rd Fraser Brundrett, 4th Duncan Whalley
B Final – 1st Tom Dunphy, 2nd Alfie Sutherland.

Host club Stockport received a boost with Ewan Ferreira winning the under 14’s. Stockport have been rocked by the announcement by Michael Preston that he’s quit the sport, and badly needed this boost. Ewan won all of his races, defeating the challenges of Charlie Burgess and Harry Hulme.


Ewan Ferreira (Stockport) 16, Charlie Burgess (A and T) 13, Harry Hulme (Stockport) 9.

A Final – 1st Ewan Ferreira, 2nd Charlie Burgess, 3rd Harry Hulme.

With only three riders in attendance the Girls and under 18’s combined together. Emily Burgess and Kielan Burton sharing the wins between themselves, Emily winning out 3-1. Emily also won the A final, though Kielan took the 25 GP points for the under 18’s. The result means Kielan is the under 18 champion for 2019.


Emily Burgess (A and T) 15, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 13, Chloe Warn (A and T) 8.

A Final – 1st Emily Burgess, 2nd Chloe Warn.

All matches were refereed by Ben Higham.