MATCH REPORT: A&T claim 3 emphatic wins

Astley & Tyldesley raced to three emphatic wins in this afternoon’s North & Scotland League matches against Stockport at Gin Pit. This keeps Team Green very much in contention to repeat the feat of 2017 in winning all three divisions.

Stockport arrived with just five riders. In the Division 1 match, Jake Read won heat 1 from Steve Harris and Mark Grantham, but A&T took a 5-4 heat
advantage for a lead that they never lost. A succession of 6 and 7 point heat wins followed, until the points were shared in heats 15 and 16. A&T fielded
their second string and reserve riders in the three nominated races. A&T took a 5-4 win in heat 17, before the Emily Burgess/ Kyle Holland pairing finished off with a 7-2 heat win over Ewan Ferreira, with Jake Read a non finisher.

Reece Pollitt and Tomek Wlodarczyk both raced unbeaten for A&T, with strong performances from all ten riders. Pollitt recorded the fastest time of the day, 41.72 seconds, when winning heat 10. Jake Read, Louis Wright and Ben Higham all won one race each for the visitors.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 111 Stockport 61

A&T: Reece Pollitt 18 (2), Pawel Idziorek 18, Tomek Wlodarczyk 14 (2), Steve Harris 13 (2), Marcin Jakubiak 13, Kyle Holland 9 (2), Mick Knowles 9, Emily
Burgess 7, Mark Grantham 6 (2), Paul Graham 4.

Stockport: Ben Higham 15, Jake Read 12 (1), Terry Norman 12, Louis Wright 11, Ewan Ferreira 11.

Referee – Chaz Whalley.

Stockport conceded 30 penalty points for fielding an ineligible rider, Ben Higham, in the Division 2 match. A&T took maximum scores from nine of the twelve races, with Tom Morrissey, John White, Charlie Burgess and Mark Grantham all racing unbeaten. Credit to the older Stockport riders for providing entertaining races with A&T’s youngsters. Ewan Ferreira won two races for Stockport.

North & Scotland League Division 2 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 107 Stockport 37

A&T: John White 18 (2), Emily Burgess 16 (1), Tom Morrissey 13 (3), Charlie Burgess 11 (1), Duncan Whalley 8, Mark Grantham 7 (1), Mick Knowles 4 (1).

Stockport: Ewan Ferreira 15, Ben Higham 12, Louis Wright 10.

Referee – Kyle Holland.

A&T fielded 17 riders for the Division 3 match and romped to a massive 178-12 win. The White brothers, Frank and John, both raced unbeaten in the u-10 and u-13 matches respectively.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 178 Stockport 12

A&T: Frank White 16, John White 16, Aiden Green 15, Stephen Warn 14, Tom Morrissey 14, Freddie Cox 13, Oscar Belt 13, Charlie Burgess 12, Myles Grantham 10, Harriet Belt 10, Duncan Whalley 10, Ada Cox 7, Aliesha Green 6, Levi Edwards 6, Lewis Skitterall 6, Chloe Warn 6, Lucy Grantham 4.

Stockport: Ewan Ferreira 12.

Referee – Catherine White.

Congratulations go to A&T’s Mark Grantham on winning the Steve Galloway Memorial Trophy at Horspath yesterday.