MATCH REPORT: Tyldesley Typhoons win Astley & Tyldesley go-ride league

Report by Mike Hack

Tyldesley Typhoons took the win in the 6th and final round of the A&T Go-Ride League series, to win the overall 2019 series.

Typhoon’s top scorer Frank White lost only to Gin Pit Storm’s Charlie Burgess, who raced to a maximum score. Chloe Warn and Aiden Green also scored heavily for the Typhoons. Storm took 2nd place on the night and in the overall series, edging out Astley Hurricanes on race points. Lewis Skitterall top scored for the Hurricanes.

All riders were presented with a certificate for competing. All riders received either a trophy or a medal, with each team’s top scorer collecting a pair of racing gloves.

It’s been an excellent series, developing younger riders as well as new officials. All the riders have been smartly decked out in team jerseys, supplied by Wigan Council’s Brighter Borough Fund.

Astley & Tyldesley Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 6 result

Tyldesley Typhoons 91, Gin Pit Storm 76, Astley Hurricanes 63

Typhoons: Frank White 23, Chloe Warn 22, Aiden Green 22, Freddie Cox 15, Myles Grantham 9.
Storm: Charlie Burgess 24, Megan Lloyd 19, Stephen Warn 14, Owen Simcock 11, Aliesha Green 8.
Hurricanes: Lewis Skitterall 19, Duncan Whalley 18, Oscar Belt 16, Harriet Belt 10.

Referee – Chaz Whalley.

Final Astley & Tyldesley Go-Ride League placings:

Tyldesley Typhoons 14 (460)
Gin Pit Storm 11 (438)
Astley Hurricanes 11 (411).