TRANSFER NEWS: More transfers expected

5 more riders are expected to be racing for different clubs in 2020, all subject to approval by British Cycling

The Mitchell family of Darren, Ethan, Kristian & Hayden are expected to transfer to Great Blakenham from Ipswich.

Also former over 60’s British champion Les Stevens has submitted a transfer request which is expected to take him away from East London where he has spent many many years and up the A11 to Norwich for the forthcoming 2020 season .

East London supremo Kevin Smith said “We are deeply sorry to lose Les who has been a real loyal servant to the club and a good solid rider , what we will miss the most is that it will be behind the scenes where we will really miss Les , he has been a true 100% valued club member who was often seen with a broom in his hand at the track where he was always first to arrive and the last to leave a true clubman”

East London Academy Manager Richard Austen also said “Les was always happy assist me with coaching the younger members of East London a true asset and I will miss him “