COACHING: Cycle Speedway Discipline Specific Coaching Course announced

British Cycling, in conjunction with the Cycle Speedway Commission, intends to hold a cycle speedway discipline specific coaching coarse in the Autumn of 2020.
The staging of this course is dependent on how many eligible candidates enrol to take part.
In order to participate on the course only coaches with British Cycling Level 2 qualification can enlist. Potential level 2 coaches, with the relevant experience, may be able to bypass the Level 1 coaching course and move straight on to the level 2 course.
As in previous years the discipline specific course has been slimmed down from a two day course to a one day course. This has enabled the sport to reduce the cost of the course making it more viable for clubs and coaches.
If anyone is interested in getting involve in coaching, please contact your regional coaching representative, these being:
John Burston (North and Scotland), Stuart Raven (South and South Wales), Phil Clarke (South East and Eastern) and Bob Prince (Midlands).