SPECIAL FEATURE: A look back at Cycle Speedway in Latvia

Jeremi Jan Juruś has sent in this article about a variation of cycle speedway which operated in Latvia between 2005 and 2012:



“Cycle speedway fell, but its glory is eternal” says banner on main site of Latvian cycle speedway riders. Cycle speedway in Latvia operated between 2005 and 2012 in second-largest in this country city Daugavpils which is inhabitated by Russian-speaking majority and is known as main Latvian motorcycle speedway center.

All of competitions were unofficial, organised just by local teens. There was organised individual competitions named Grand Prix, Golden Helmet, Jatnieku Street Championship, Juniors Championship, there was also team championships. The most successful season by number of riders was 2010 where started 29 lads, and there were 4 teams in the league. During 8 years was held about one hundred meeting, and the total number of riders was 46.

Competitions were held on 5 tracks in different parts of the city. Two of them had asphalt surface, and another three were located on dirt. The length of them were between 65 and 145 meters. The names of them were very unusual, like “Novostroika” (New Buildings), “Vosmerka” (No. 8), “Treugolnik” (Triangle), “White House” and “Sambo”.