NEWS: Updates from British Cycling

Tarn Fynn has been in touch with some updates to the National Calendar for 2021. The key changes are listed below:

Home Internationals in Fife are postponed to 2022.

British Club Championships move to the 3rd & 4th July.

British Youth & Junior League changes format to four regional rounds and one national round (18th September, Midlands), and is pushed back in the calendar.

First three rounds of the Junior Battle of Britain & Elite GP are cancelled, round 4 to take place on the 19th September in the Midlands.

Viability of European Individual Championships to be assessed at the end of May.

Regional competition is permitted from the 17th May, however due to the amount of travel required for some clubs, Regional Leagues may not resume in full initially. We understand regional committees are working with clubs on an appropriate regional race calendar. We would encourage clubs to register challenge matches if the desire is there before the leagues resume.