MATCH REPORT: Manchester League Round 3

Bury hosted Round 3 of the Manchester League Grand Prix series on Wednesday. The home club fielded several new riders and took both the Division 1 and Division 2 match wins on the night.

In the u-10s match, Bury’s George Keeble top scored, losing only to team mate Bobby Dunphy in heat 3. A&T’s Duncan Whalley raced to a fine maximum score in the u-13s match. The u-16/ u-19 races were combined, with A&T’s Charlie Burgess and Bury’s Harry Radford unbeaten in their respective categories.

Manchester League Division 2 result (top 5 scorers only count for each team’s total)

Bury 67 Astley & Tyldesley 44

U-10s: George Keeble (Bury) 15, Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 14, Alex Lees (Bury) 9, Harry Dunford (Bury) 8, Charlie Dunford (Bury) 4.

U-13s: Duncan Whalley (A&T) 16, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 13, Sam Dunphy (Bury) 9, Tomasz Polomski (Bury) 6, Lucas Gifford (Bury) 5.

U-16s: Charlie Burgess (A&T) 16, Owen Simcock (A&T) 12.

U-19s: Harry Radford (Bury) 16.

Referee – Neil Howarth.

The Seniors and Veterans match was keenly contested, with some good races. Bury’s Kris Ramsden rode to a fine maximum score, which included an excellent last lap pass on Stockport’s Terry Norman, in heat 2. The wily Norman kept out strong challenges from Harry Radford to win heat 7, with Radford inflicting the only defeat suffered by A&T’s Steve Harris, in heat 10.

Manchester League Division 1 result (top 5 scorers only count for each team’s total)

Bury 57 Astley & Tyldesley 40 Stockport 14

Seniors: Kris Ramsden (Bury) 16, Steve Harris (A&T) 15, Harry Radford (Bury) 15, Terry Norman (Stockport) 14, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 10, Ben Dunford (Bury) 10, Duncan Whalley (A&T) 9, Mark Radford (Bury) 9, Rob Lees (Bury) 7, Owen Simcock (A&T) 6.

Veterans: Steve Harris (A&T) 15, Terry Norman (Stockport) 14, Mark Radford (Bury) 9, Rob Lees (Bury) 7.

Referee – Neil Howarth.

The next round is at Astley & Tyldesley on Wednesday 23rd June, 7 pm start.